How to Access the Official IDN Poker Site – Experiencing various obstacles when you want to open and access online poker gambling sites are often experienced by players. The risk of opening an IDN Poker server site with an Indonesian IP address, it must often be influenced by the positive Internet which is also known as Blok. This is because actually all game activities in Indonesia are in the government. Then, through Kominfo, the government blocked sites that were shown to be online gaming sites.

For those of you who like to play online games to earn money, don’t worry. Because there are several tricks that can be used to access blocked sites. Perhaps, many of you are wondering how to open a locked site.

Because generally for beginners it is still confused with things like this. For this reason, we provide several ways in which you can access blocked online poker sites. Just look at the following methods.


The first form you can do is use alternative links. That is why many suggest that bettors play on online gaming sites that provide alternative links. Because if the main site is hit by Bleokir, you can still use other links to be able to play safely.

Usually, IDN Poker server sites provide more than one alternative link. Only professional sites provide this alternative link function only. If the site you are using to play poker games provides an alternative link, don’t forget to record the link. Then, if at some point the main link is blocked, you can still access the alternative link.


Locked online gaming sites only take place locally. So that only Indonesians cannot access the site. But for those who come from abroad they can still access the site. Therefore, you can use a VPN to access the idn poker  server site.

With a VPN application, you can replace your IP addicts to have from abroad. Using this application is also quite easy and free. Download and install the VPN application on the device used to open online gaming sites. In general, the application will be executed automatically to change your IP address. You should use a free VPN which can be obtained through the Internet or the Play Store.

Apart from using a VPN app, you can also use a VPN site as a proxy site. So you don’t have to bother installing VPN applications. How to use it is enough when you copy the link to the poker game site you want to open.


Another way that can be used to parse positive betting internet sites is using the opera web browser. Because this web browser is actually available for a dedicated VPN that can be activated. So you can use it to access blocking sites.

Not only that, many choose to use opera because it offers a faster navigation experience. When using this web browser, you don’t have to bother installing a VPN application. Very interesting truth?…

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